Božica Radoš, PhD is over the last decade, the CEO of the Venit Exante Ltd a company that is specialized for a wide spectrum of business solutions in field of railway and dangerous goods/waste management. Her broad experience is confirming the fact that we are living and working in a pioneering time for railways -we are challenging the future rise of railways through digitalization.

Venit ExAnte in the past decade, has established itself as a definition of the philosophy ”Through optimised planning we prevent excess planning”, giving Clients an optimal service, which is constantly enhanced via communication with the Client, with one of the primary goals being maximum financial efficiency. That is the first and foremost mission of digitalization, in the abstract sense.

Venit ExAnte, through many years of experience, numerous projects, and continuous education, has proceeded with the creation of its own software, (Dangerous Goods Optimisation).
It is a digital hotspot for all needed information related to transport of dangerous goods, which in the current COVID 19 crisis sees a huge increase in terms of volume of hazardous waste. Application’s concept supports upgrades in terms of subspecialised databases and additional programming for specific Client’s needs. Venit ExAnte’s approach towards the creation of a solution for the Client, internally called ‘’Digital Manufactura’’, aims to accompany the Client constantly and consistently, to accommodate the software to the Client, not vice versa. Our team is flexible and hires freelancers with specific skills, depending on what a specific project requires from us to achieve in a certain period.

Quality of our Service is one of the most important competitive factors in today’s business landscape. Here is how to make it optimal. Defining excellent and fast service is not a one-way street. It depends on the customer’s expectations and experiences of the service we provide. The fact is, if the service quality is not sufficiently high overall, the service provider is likely to disappoint its customers regardless of their expectations. To be one step ahead of the game, constant investment in education, combined with the development of innovative solutions is the key for exceeding our client’s expectations.
Main services that Venit Exante provides can be divided on services relater to:

Dangerous goods/waste ADR/RID and for business services.

Project documentation that Venit ExAnte Ltd produces concerns building new and reconstructing old railroad tracks, train stations and central train stations.


    • certified engineer of railroad traffic, member of the Traffic Engineer’s Bar
    • dangerous goods security advisor (DGSA) ADR/RID


Venit ExAnte S.r.l. è un ufficio specialistico progettale che svolge servizi business e consultazioni in campo di trasporto di materie pericolose e in campo di ferrovia.

La documentazione progettale, concepita da Venit ExAnte S.r.l., si tratta sia su costruzione di nuova sia su ricostruzione di vecchia infrastruttura ferroviaria, cioè le principali stazioni ferroviarie, le stazioni, le tracce ecc. La documentazione progettale prevede anche tutti i consigli per il trasporto, la spedizione, il carico, la manipolazione, l’imballaggio, il contrassegno e la documentazione di trasporto in traffico di materie pericolose tramite la strada e ferrovia (ADR/RID).


    • ingegnere certificato di traffico ferroviario, membro di Camera di ingegneri di traffico ferroviario
    • consulente di sicurezza per le materie pericolose (DGSA) ADR/RID
    • traduttore simultaneo dall’italiano